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Hello! I am

Christos Kalanidis.

I am a tools programmer working in the games industry, and based in Sweden.

As part of my job I develop tools, incorporating UX/UI in the process, to enhance the user experience.

UX/UI has become a big passion for me and something I actively try to work on and get better at.

Animation Graph

in-house game engine, ux/ui, front-end, angelscript

Editor hotkeys

in-house game engine, ux/ui, front-end, angelscript

IK Visualizer

unity, ux/ui, front-end, c#

A little about myself

I am a communicator at heart, I love building bridges of communication between people as well as tackle complex issues, and morphing them into simple and digestible pieces of information that anyone can understand and use.

Getting meaning out of my work is important to me, as I am very passionate about helping and making people’s life’s better through technology.

Let's connect

Can’t wait to hear from you!

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