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Project Contribution

Exporting from LDtk
Gameplay & Camera

Chin Chillin Studios


Sara Roth

Teddi Andersson

William Harrysson

Level Design

David Haddad

Stefan Groothuis


Anna Sigfridsson

Hampus Eriksson


Fadi Makdes

Christos Kalanidis

Linus Bensryd

Rasmus Ekelund

Teodor Dahlen



Christos Kalanidis (Othedius) (

Project Gallery

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Hiiri was our fifth and last project in our first year of The Game Assembly. I also created the music for the game, at the same time as the project was ongoing.

I worked very close with the level designers on this project and was the one responsible with exporting the level and the different variables and functions from LDtk into a json file which we than read in TGA2D.

I wanted the system in TGA2D to match LDtk, so I created a Room, which contained a layer, which contained a tile. The reason I decided to do it this way was to match LDtk and to make it easy to understand the system.

Transitioning between levels

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