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One Engine is the engine that I and a few others created in our second year in The Game Assembly. We used this engine for our three last game projects we had in our last year in The Game Assembly.

I have personally poured my heart and soul into this engine, the goal was to make it as usable as possible, so that each discipline besides programmers could use it.

I used Unity3D as a reference when building our engine and I would many times go back to unity to see how they made it. Unity is already an estabilshed engine, that has had many years on it's belt, and having it as a reference is a great way to take our engine where it should be much faster. Mostly because we don't have to think about everything from scratch. We get so much for free. But the main reason why I chose Unity, was also for my personal love for the engine.

(one of the early versions of One Engine)

(the current version of One Engine)

The engine has evolved drastically over the two projects and I am personally very proud with One Engine. My responsibility with one engine was the editor and visualising our systems. Which falls under tools which I was very happy I could work with. As a tools programmer is what I want to work as!

I will now go through some of the engines features!


  • Search after entities with case insensitivity with next to no latency

  • Drag and drop entities to change parent or child order


  • Translate, rotate and scale multiple entities and duplicate them by either CTRL-D or holding ALT and dragging the entities.

  • Translate, rotate and scale and CTRL-Z to revert back to the previous changes or CTRL-SHIFT-Z to revert to the current changes.

  • Focus on a entity with F, orbit by holding ALT and left click, drag by holding ALT and middle mouse, zoom by holding ALT and right click or move around using WASD and holding right click. E or Q to go up or down.

Content Browser

  • Search after files with case insensitivity with next to no latency

  • Open the the file explorer at the engines current directory

  • View the file path, the file type and how many files the directory has, by just hovering over the files

  • Filter between, Jsons, Textures, Sprites, Models and Prefabs

  • Drag and drop prefabs to spawn them


  • Change name, set tag or mark it as a prefab. You can also add components by searching after them

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