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Spite Sunborne

Project Contribution

Level exporting
Tools / Editor

Hade Haj Studios


Aron Johansson (

Felix Dunmar (

Christos Kalanidis (

Fadi Makdes (

Rasmus Ekelund (

Level Design

Svante Livén (

Tim Andersson             


William Harrysson (

Joel Herslow (

Thorbjörn Jensen (

Gustav Larsson (


Fredrika Karlsson (

Tobias Hart (

Sandra Andén (

Technical Artist

John McKenna (

Axel Fransson (


Kristian Lindberg (

Voice Over

John McKenna (

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Spite Sunborne was our first project in our second year in The Game Assembly. With our in-house engine we created One Engine.

For Spite Sunborne I worked closely with our level designers and wrote the level importer that exoported the unity scenes over to our engine. I also wrote some tools for unity which our level designers used.

Like one where they could select multiple objects and translate them or rotate them all by an offset.

Huge part of Spite was also placed on the editor and adding features to the editor to make it easy to use. I added camera controll similar to unity and unreal engine 4. Where the user could navigate, spin, zoom, drag and focus.

A prefab system was also created by me and Felix. Created on a panel where you could spawn all the prefabs. I also worked on the scene manager, which handled how scenes worked, were updated and how we changed levels. I created a fade manager. Added a tag system, so you could retrieve objects with a specific tag. I wrote the matrix classes that we used. Focused on the TransformComponent.

Added the cursor we used for the game. Added various sounds.

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